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"Connecting Mind, Body, Soul and Emotions
in Harmony"

with Saritha Marino, Energy Doula & Holistic Therapist

Holistic Therapist &
HypnoBirthing Childbirth Classes

Unlocking Your Mind, Body, and Soul through a unique approach.

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Family Photos in B&W
Reiki Treatment

"Empower your energy journey with an Energy Doula Therapist – a supportive guide for your spiritual, mental, physical, and energetic rebirth. Experience personalized care and guidance as you navigate transformative shifts, renew your vitality, and cultivate a harmonious balance within. Elevate your energy, elevate your life."

Embark on a serene and empowering birthing experience with our Hypnobirthing Classes. Discover the art of deep relaxation and mindfulness techniques, guided by e Saritha Marino. Cultivate a calm and confident approach to childbirth for a joyous, transformative and empowerful journey.

Frequently, it is beliefs that we have inherited from our parents that keep us imprisoned. In the past, these were created in the subconscious and are now in our way. This prevents changes in behavior. In the Original Hellinger® Family Constellations our hidden beliefs come to light, can be questioned, released and overwritten. The decision whether you are ready to do so is up to you personally.

" Enjoy the benefits of Reiki  for stress reduction, relaxation and better quality of life"

Kind words

Andrea Guillen

" The absolute BEST ! I had such a calm birthing experience due to all the techniques Saritha taught me ! She helped me through every step of pregnancy and especially on delivery day ! HIGHLY recommend ! "

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175 SW 7th St, Suite1109 Miami, FL 33130, EUA

+1 (305) 560-7844

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